Phishing: One man’s fish is another man’s poison

Phishing, a cybercrime, is the practice of sending fraudulent communications, disguised as emails from a legitimate sender to coax gullible customers into providing sensitive data like credit card information or login details or to click a link and download an attachment, leading to identity theft or financial loss. The procedure may vary but the agenda […]

The Future of Vending Machines is Here and Its Intelligent

  You must have come across vending machines, a refrigerator-like, at your office, hotel lobbies, stadiums, shopping malls, airport terminals, and other convenience centers dispensing chocolates, wafers, soft drinks, packed juice, and various other items. Vending machines are a perfect example of how technology delivers convenience. Vending machines eliminate the need for human assistance to […]

Heads up on 5G: The Next-Gen Wireless Technology

After 4G (LTE) and 3G, we are heading towards a new and faster generation of telecom signaling classified as 5G or 5th Generation wireless technology. The technology is pitted to overcome several shortcomings of its predecessor technologies, including slow internet speeds, lack of popularity of next-gen technologies, and network latency lag. With initial tests indicating […]

Technologies that Shaped 2017

2017 was an eventful year. It was a mixed bag with its share of euphoria and gloom. We experienced some path breaking inventions that promise to bridge the gap between man and machine, such as Face ID and first robot citizen. At the same time, there were not-so-good events that put us on alert such […]

Facial Recognition in Phones: Just another Bio-metric Security Feature or More?

Apple Inc. has a reputation of making the world take notice of its offerings. It started in 2007 with the launch of first iPhone by then CEO, Steve Jobs, and the saga continues even after a decade. In 2007, iPhone revolutionized the mobile industry and became a benchmark. Year after year, Apple continued raising the […]

Employee Spotlight – Anupama Ahluwalia

Tell us three things most people don’t know about you… I write, mostly real life experiences and short stories I travel, I like to explore the unexplored and find hidden gems. I’ve been on various treks covering the entire Sahyadri mountain range, Western Ghats. I also love beaches and have witnessed all of the Konkan […]

10 Apps You Got to Install Right Away

Smartphones are an integral part of lives of over two billion people across the globe, who on an average spend about three hours a day on their smartphones. While most of this time is spent on getting social media updates, at other times they are busy communicating with family and friends, watching videos, playing games, […]

Tech-Trends Shaping the Hospitality Sector

With a foot on the door of 2018, we are all set to bid 2017 a goodbye. A lot has happened in the last 12 months, but the one thing that was indispensable enough is – penetration of technology. There wasn’t an industry that was left untouched by the impact of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of […]