Times of Turbulence

A good job is hard to find, but every entrepreneur knows a good employee is even harder to keep. As an entrepreneur, one must ensure his or her company is staffed with people who look forward to coming to work every day for more than a paycheck. While everyone is aware of the factors to […]

Being Good or Anti-Competitive

With people lately realizing that success not only means money but overall quality of life, many have turned away from traditional 9-5 methods to earn their livelihood, so that they can dictate their own terms and have be in charge of their own growth and future. One of routes that many take to achieve that […]

‘Do Not Panic’

“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” Joan Borysenko More often than not, stress and panic attacks are a common scenario at workplace and there are no universal sorts, types or patterns for the same. For instance, people may turn down a promotion plainly because it involves travel or public […]


How many of you stay away from sales people at your local drug store or even at well-established huge brand spaces with fancy lighting and ‘spoiling you for choice’ sort of stuff? I, for one, stay as far away from them as possible; especially when I am just browsing around with my Starbucks. I dread […]


Heard about Mystery Shoppers? Ever wondered what makes great brands spend a huge amount on asking people to fake as shoppers and even provide them with goodies? What do Mystery Shoppers bring back to the organization? And if at all they bring back something, what is it and to what part of the organization does […]

“Change Management versus Transformation”

70% of Transformation Programs Fail – McKinsey While we do know that ‘change is the new static’, mostly because it’s a dynamic world; but does change assure transformation? Does one of these actions follow the other, or are these simply synonyms? More than 80% of the managers don’t realize that the two are not the […]

“1 in 5, Ailing from Glossophobia”

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, as the facts suggest, is pretty common. Everyone, or almost everyone is able to grab a job with a degree but what does one do to grow up the corporate ladder, since then. One of the very obvious answers would be to show your talent explicitly. Now, one does […]

!!Personal Branding!!

While some have achieved great heights with this concept, there are many those are still unaware of the notion of marketing themselves. No, Personal Branding is not for the unemployed and surely does not mean that you are just passing time. It is a style of leadership and a very unique one at that. It […]

Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Motivation is a basic psychological process. Increasing motivation, commitment and engagement levels are key organizational aspects, nowadays. This is because of one simple reason – How motivated you are in your job is directly related to your performance and also to the satisfaction that you derive from your job. While we think about motivation at […]

Leadership and Empathy

Whenever we hear the word leader/pioneer, the majority of us instantly think about people with elevated titles such as Managers, Directors, CEO’s, etc. That is, the general population that holds positions of stature inside an organization and to whom a set of people report. But in reality, leaders are people who make an impact. Leaders […]