Times of Turbulence

A good job is hard to find, but every entrepreneur knows a good employee is even harder to keep. As an entrepreneur, one must ensure his or her company is staffed with people who look forward to coming to work every day for more than a paycheck. While everyone is aware of the factors to […]

Being Good or Anti-Competitive

With people lately realizing that success not only means money but overall quality of life, many have turned away from traditional 9-5 methods to earn their livelihood, so that they can dictate their own terms and have be in charge of their own growth and future. One of routes that many take to achieve that […]

Organizational Culture

In the simplest of forms, a corporate culture is how an organization does things. Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do” and that’s how precisely a culture is formed. Organizational Culture has an extremely extensive definition and consists of varied concepts from within the organization. While it may have many a sides to […]

Post Promotion Challenges

A promotion definitely sounds like a bed of roses that lands you with more income, leadership and authority; however, it brings along a different set of challenges too. Establishing authority among your team while maintaining relations is a tactical task you may not be prepared to handle. How do you deal with the sudden uplift […]

The Journey of Elevations

It’s in human tendency to keep moving ahead and experience growth, for as they say, time teaches us never to stop and life goes on, come what may! Putting the same phenomena in our careers, everybody wants to be appreciated and promoted, and that’s what we study in today’s post. A promotion definitely sounds like […]

“Negative Feedback”

In today’s post, we talk about feedbacks! Feedback, be it positive or negative, remains a necessity, for the receiver as well as for the giver. This is the one thing that drives a workplace. Imagine if there were no feedbacks received or given, everyone would think that they are perfect with their work, it’s the […]

Disengaged vs Engaged Workforce

An epitome of engaged resources is well laid in our history wherein Alexander was able to conquer unknown lands with due credits to his highly motivated troops. While engaged employees believe that their contribution can make a difference to the organization, disengaged employees believe absolutely otherwise and create a negative aura around them, which in […]

When an organization wins, everyone wins! Even the failures!

Nope, we aren’t ending the blog here, but this is where it all starts! Do you have people in your teams that care not even a bit about their work, their teams or whatever’s going on in the team, workwise or otherwise? I choose not to answer this and leave it to your discretion to […]