Employee Motivation

Employees are the most important resource for the organization and to keep them motivated is the prime concern of the management.   How does “employee motivation” help in improving performance at work? It is essential for the senior management and the human resources to constantly improve the work environment of the organization which has a […]

Employee Spotlight – Shilpa Sharma

Xavthought in a candid conversation with HR Manager, Shilpa Sharma –   Tell us three things most people don’t know about you… I’m a bit obsessive about cleanliness and personalization. I can spend countless hours organizing things so that it looks like the way I want. Am crazy about superhero movies – Movies in which […]

The Journey of Elevations

It’s in human tendency to keep moving ahead and experience growth, for as they say, time teaches us never to stop and life goes on, come what may! Putting the same phenomena in our careers, everybody wants to be appreciated and promoted, and that’s what we study in today’s post. A promotion definitely sounds like […]

Transparent Communication

If you survey a workplace, you’ll find that besides the need for job security and career advancement opportunities – employees these days want to be a part of a workplace culture that puts a premium on delivering the truth.  They desire their leaders to be proactive in sharing where the company is headed and their […]

People Buy Emotions, Not Things

Emotional intelligence, EQ, is defined as the ability to understand and manage emotions as they happen to both yourself and those around you. This awareness leads to a variety of other skills that allow the individual to handle social networks, empathize with others and effectively address customer satisfaction. Many a times, an employee if lacks […]

‘Do Not Panic’

“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” Joan Borysenko More often than not, stress and panic attacks are a common scenario at workplace and there are no universal sorts, types or patterns for the same. For instance, people may turn down a promotion plainly because it involves travel or public […]

“Change Management versus Transformation”

70% of Transformation Programs Fail – McKinsey While we do know that ‘change is the new static’, mostly because it’s a dynamic world; but does change assure transformation? Does one of these actions follow the other, or are these simply synonyms? More than 80% of the managers don’t realize that the two are not the […]

“1 in 5, Ailing from Glossophobia”

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, as the facts suggest, is pretty common. Everyone, or almost everyone is able to grab a job with a degree but what does one do to grow up the corporate ladder, since then. One of the very obvious answers would be to show your talent explicitly. Now, one does […]