The Journey of Elevations

It’s in human tendency to keep moving ahead and experience growth, for as they say, time teaches us never to stop and life goes on, come what may! Putting the same phenomena in our careers, everybody wants to be appreciated and promoted, and that’s what we study in today’s post. A promotion definitely sounds like […]

Transparent Communication

If you survey a workplace, you’ll find that besides the need for job security and career advancement opportunities – employees these days want to be a part of a workplace culture that puts a premium on delivering the truth.  They desire their leaders to be proactive in sharing where the company is headed and their […]

People Buy Emotions, Not Things

Emotional intelligence, EQ, is defined as the ability to understand and manage emotions as they happen to both yourself and those around you. This awareness leads to a variety of other skills that allow the individual to handle social networks, empathize with others and effectively address customer satisfaction. Many a times, an employee if lacks […]

‘Do Not Panic’

“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” Joan Borysenko More often than not, stress and panic attacks are a common scenario at workplace and there are no universal sorts, types or patterns for the same. For instance, people may turn down a promotion plainly because it involves travel or public […]

“1 in 5, Ailing from Glossophobia”

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, as the facts suggest, is pretty common. Everyone, or almost everyone is able to grab a job with a degree but what does one do to grow up the corporate ladder, since then. One of the very obvious answers would be to show your talent explicitly. Now, one does […]

!!Personal Branding!!

While some have achieved great heights with this concept, there are many those are still unaware of the notion of marketing themselves. No, Personal Branding is not for the unemployed and surely does not mean that you are just passing time. It is a style of leadership and a very unique one at that. It […]

Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Motivation is a basic psychological process. Increasing motivation, commitment and engagement levels are key organizational aspects, nowadays. This is because of one simple reason – How motivated you are in your job is directly related to your performance and also to the satisfaction that you derive from your job. While we think about motivation at […]

Leadership and Empathy

Whenever we hear the word leader/pioneer, the majority of us instantly think about people with elevated titles such as Managers, Directors, CEO’s, etc. That is, the general population that holds positions of stature inside an organization and to whom a set of people report. But in reality, leaders are people who make an impact. Leaders […]

Want to enhance your day at work?

Wake up, report to work, perform to succeed within excessive competition, retrieve from work, eat, sleep and continue the same cycle every day.  We’ve so graciously accepted the monotonicity in our lives that we forget on investing on the scope of improvement. But, any question on meaning to improve their work life, to a corporate […]