The Future of Vending Machines is Here and Its Intelligent

  You must have come across vending machines, a refrigerator-like, at your office, hotel lobbies, stadiums, shopping malls, airport terminals, and other convenience centers dispensing chocolates, wafers, soft drinks, packed juice, and various other items. Vending machines are a perfect example of how technology delivers convenience. Vending machines eliminate the need for human assistance to […]

Heads up on 5G: The Next-Gen Wireless Technology

After 4G (LTE) and 3G, we are heading towards a new and faster generation of telecom signaling classified as 5G or 5th Generation wireless technology. The technology is pitted to overcome several shortcomings of its predecessor technologies, including slow internet speeds, lack of popularity of next-gen technologies, and network latency lag. With initial tests indicating […]

The Digital Future – Threat or Boon?

In this blog, we share with you some alarming facts coming our way. (Source Gartner) In its statement, Gartner said it’s Top Predictions for 2016 look at the digital future, at an algorithmic and smart machine-driven world where people and machines must define harmonious relationships. “Gartner’s Top Predictions begin to separate us from the mere […]

Importance of Training and Development in IT

–Kanika Verma–   Are you an amateur IT startup or mid-way of becoming a big corporate house? Or you could already be one among the big players in the IT industry. Whoever you may be, big or small, becoming a smart player in your industry is what counts. And what do smart players do? They […]

“Change Management versus Transformation”

70% of Transformation Programs Fail – McKinsey While we do know that ‘change is the new static’, mostly because it’s a dynamic world; but does change assure transformation? Does one of these actions follow the other, or are these simply synonyms? More than 80% of the managers don’t realize that the two are not the […]

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation may be thought as the third stage of embracing digital technologies: digital competence → digital usage → digital transformation, with usage and transformative ability informing digital literacy. The changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society is known as digital transformation. The transformation stage implies that advanced uses intrinsically empower new kinds of development and […]

False Assumptions in Automation

 -Jatin Dawan- As per my experience and based on what has been shared by my colleagues; presenting some common mistakes that software engineers commit while performing functional software testing in IT . Validate? Who needs to validate all the content? Many-a-times, engineers are not very careful about the content they are working upon. They need […]