Importance of QA and Testing in Banking

Banking is an important sector for the financial stability of a country. It comprises different financial institutions that accept deposits from the public and create credit. Banking primarily comprises of: Core Banking – where customer can perform the basic transactions of depositing money and taking out money from their account from any branch offices. Core […]

False Assumptions in Automation

 -Jatin Dawan- As per my experience and based on what has been shared by my colleagues; presenting some common mistakes that software engineers commit while performing functional software testing in IT . Validate? Who needs to validate all the content? Many-a-times, engineers are not very careful about the content they are working upon. They need […]

Give Me A Bug, Save My Day

Raman Pasricha | Contributing Writer Imagine for a moment…you are in a testing team, sitting with bunch of furious testers, trying to perform the execution. You have been assigned 20 test cases to execute. Everyone has the same count to execute. After executing 10 test cases and with no one failing, you began to realize… […]

Testing a Discounted Offer!!

Raman Pasricha | Contributing Writer As consumers and witnesses to the ever rising inflation, we often tend to look for discount coupons or offers while shopping. And why not? All our lives we’ve been taught by our elders to save money at every possible opportunity! So we go looking for these extremely innovative digital discount coupons, […]