Being Good or Anti-Competitive

With people lately realizing that success not only means money but overall quality of life, many have turned away from traditional 9-5 methods to earn their livelihood, so that they can dictate their own terms and have be in charge of their own growth and future. One of routes that many take to achieve that […]

Data Safety on cloud.

How to ensure Data safety on cloud? Cloud computing is very attractive, however, at the same time it raises several doubts about security. With millions of users and their data available on cloud, makes it tempting for hackers too. What are the best practices and things companies can do while taking a decision to move […]

Automate and simplify your network configuration and change management with NCM solution

As enterprises are growing, so their networks are. And with the growing mesh of network across an enterprise, network availability and agility becomes most important for businesses to continue. In diverse networks, network admins continuously face challenges, effectively managing the device configurations, minimizing network downtime instances and carrying out changes. And with all these, adhering […]

From petabytes to Exabytes then to zettabytes – Are we running out of metrics for measuring BIG DATA ?

The first question to answer is from where so much of data is coming ? Businesses are producing vast amount of data, that gets generated from internal operations, customer interactions, purchase transactions, moreover we have data flowing through different social media channels , video’s, pictures, activity-generated data (Computer and mobile device log files, web site […]

Xavient Information Systems plans expansion in India

Infotech Lead India: Xavient Information Systems, a global IT consulting and Software Services Company, is expanding its presence in India. The IT consulting and Software Services company is headquartered in California with an international network of delivery centres mainly in India and Sri Lanka. Saif Ahmad, president and COO, Xavient Information Systems, says the company […]

Xavient appoints Robert Hallahan as Vice President of Solution Architecture

New Delhi, April 25, 2013: Xavient Information Systems, a leader in global IT innovation, announced today the appointment of Robert Hallahan as the Vice President of Solution Architecture. Robert will be principal in leading direct key engagements in the telecom services division and lead the solution architect team to drive major implementations and integration with […]