Employee Spotlight – Anupama Ahluwalia

Tell us three things most people don’t know about you… I write, mostly real life experiences and short stories I travel, I like to explore the unexplored and find hidden gems. I’ve been on various treks covering the entire Sahyadri mountain range, Western Ghats. I also love beaches and have witnessed all of the Konkan […]

Building and Sustaining Workforce Culture (2/2)

For first part of this blog – https://xavthought.xavient.com/building-and-sustaining-workforce-culture-12/ In continuation to an organization’s endeavors around appraising performances, there is a default inclination towards various apparent culture building indicators listed below. Furthermore, skill enhancement trainings for employees, by identifying the grey areas and trying to rectify them on regular basis may augment the self confidence among the workforce. […]

Building and Sustaining Workforce Culture (1/2)

“Workforce Culture” is the character and personality of an organization.  An excellent workforce culture burns down in making an organization unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.  In addition, the concept of a workplace culture encompasses the distinctiveness of a business. Organizational culture might have some visible components, like, […]

Cultivating Happy Employees

#5 simple and budget-friendly ways to cultivate a happier environment at work!   Prioritize the balance between work and real life Real Life isn’t a cubicle. It is important to let your employees understand the difference between their work life and their real life, and how are they supposed to be maintaining a balance between […]

‘Becoming a Talent Magnet’

As we know, employees are an organization’s most valuable asset. It thus becomes very important to hire best people for regular growth of the organization.  To find talented people for the organization is the most challenging task of a recruiter. When competition level is at its peak, bright candidates choose the organization where they are […]


In our 21st century, where there is cut throat competition, it is getting more and more challenging for an individual to achieve success. On the other hand, when the work is distributed, it seems like less of burden and more of motivation. Teamwork is the combined effort by different people, who are working collectively to […]

Artificial intelligence..!!

We know that artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly these days. We can actually say and mean it quite literally that it is already so well integrated that we cannot imagine our lives without AI now. From search engines to robots, AI can encompass anything. It is basically an area of science that emphasizes the creation of […]

Employee Spotlight – Deepika Pillai

Xavthought in conversation with the Director,HR, Deepika Pillai!!! Tell us three things most people don’t know about you… I am a foodie and I love to travel –I keep a list of good eating joints wherever I travel and good food is an essential part of my travel plan. I was an exceptionally shy kid […]

Employee Spotlight – Rahul Rakesh

In a Tete-a-tete with the Team Lead. They call him the Man of Few Words; well, the conversation might prove that too 🙂 Tell us three things most people don’t know about you… I can stay at home for 30 days without getting bored I’ve got 450 YouTube subscribers I’ve burnt 100 cakes I baked […]

Employee Spotlight – Navneet K.Gaur

The following happened when Xavthought met the Senior Project Manager, Navneet!!     Tell us three things most people don’t know about you… I’m a good cook, some of my regulars are Paneer Butter Masala, Kadai Paneer, Variety of Salads, Pizzas with self-made Pizza-base, Cookies and also Toffees. I am a regular contributor to Google […]