10 Apps You Got to Install Right Away

Smartphones are an integral part of lives of over two billion people across the globe, who on an average spend about three hours a day on their smartphones. While most of this time is spent on getting social media updates, at other times they are busy communicating with family and friends, watching videos, playing games, […]

Tech-Trends Shaping the Hospitality Sector

With a foot on the door of 2018, we are all set to bid 2017 a goodbye. A lot has happened in the last 12 months, but the one thing that was indispensable enough is – penetration of technology. There wasn’t an industry that was left untouched by the impact of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of […]

HR Business Partner Mission

The complexities of the HR industry are elusive in understanding to many, including top management, hiring managers and even employees. From administrating, policy writing, payroll processing, to recruiting and retaining, HR has its roots buried deeply in important processes in an organization. Over the past decades, HR function has undergone a process of rapid transformation. […]

Building and Sustaining Workforce Culture (2/2)

For first part of this blog – https://xavthought.xavient.com/building-and-sustaining-workforce-culture-12/ In continuation to an organization’s endeavors around appraising performances, there is a default inclination towards various apparent culture building indicators listed below. Furthermore, skill enhancement trainings for employees, by identifying the grey areas and trying to rectify them on regular basis may augment the self confidence among the workforce. […]

Building and Sustaining Workforce Culture (1/2)

“Workforce Culture” is the character and personality of an organization.  An excellent workforce culture burns down in making an organization unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.  In addition, the concept of a workplace culture encompasses the distinctiveness of a business. Organizational culture might have some visible components, like, […]

UI vs AI

Artificial intelligence has already started to touch human lives greatly. It is impacting various different aspects of human life starting from programmatic ad targeting, to chat bots, to algorithmic trading or even market analysis and data mining. However, the majority of its application at present is being utilized by the organizations who have larger pockets […]