Tech-Trends Shaping the Hospitality Sector

With a foot on the door of 2018, we are all set to bid 2017 a goodbye. A lot has happened in the last 12 months, but the one thing that was indispensable enough is – penetration of technology. There wasn’t an industry that was left untouched by the impact of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of […]

From petabytes to Exabytes then to zettabytes – Are we running out of metrics for measuring BIG DATA ?

The first question to answer is from where so much of data is coming ? Businesses are producing vast amount of data, that gets generated from internal operations, customer interactions, purchase transactions, moreover we have data flowing through different social media channels , video’s, pictures, activity-generated data (Computer and mobile device log files, web site […]

Big Data : What’s Big in Big Data ?

Big Data has big value. People think Big Data is new but it’s not, it has been there with us from decades. We are surrounded by data; we generate, use and come across data on daily basis starting from reading newspaper in the morning till accessing a social networking site before sleeping. All this humongous […]