The Much Hyped “PokémonGO”

Is it safe to say, gone are the days ‘when people would be so engrossed in their phone/tab screens that they miss their respective stations, while commuting by trains?’ or ‘when all the generation X could think of is, to be able to quit their 24*7 connectivity, get some fresh air and play games beyond Angry Birds and Candy Crush’? I still remember my mom asking me to abandon my phone, PC console, Play Station and all such entertainment aside for at least 2 hours a day and spend that time in any outdoor activity, to stay energized. I am sure many of you reading this, including the millennials would relate and agree with the same. As an answer to all our prayers, we now have “PokémonGO”. Yes, yes, we know that the game is a mobile app, but then it combines your location with augmented reality and requires you to move! This real world adventure is literally so addictive that it’s forcing people to exercise.


It’s been a week that this augmented reality game was rolled out and we already have a lot of hilarious moments that this app has created in the States, the company stocks have reached an all-time high and all of this is as organic as it gets!! That’s right, no marketing and no paid advertisements, moreover the game is free to play!

So how do we go about PokémonGO? The game allows players to capture, battle, and train the virtual Pokémon who appears throughout the real world. It makes use of GPS and the camera of compatible devices. After logging into the app for the first time, the player creates their avatar. After this avatar is created, it is displayed at the player’s current location along with a map of the player’s immediate surroundings. Features on the map may include a number of PokéStops and Pokémon gyms. These are typically located at popular meeting places, such as memorials, places of worship, parks, and tourist attractions. So you basically play by walking around the real world catching cutesy little virtual monsters like Pikachu and Jiggly puff in places near your phone location and training them to fight each other.

It surely feels like the 90’s again, with people going crazy over Pokémon. No matter what age group you belong to, the Pokémon craze was huge during the latter 90’s, with kids going gaga over Pikachu, the most favorite character. With not only expecting an increase in the inventories for these pocket monsters, there are hidden areas of interests for marketing and advertising too. We heard a café removed its specials from the board and said that the customers will get a 15% off on their lattés if they catch the Pokémon at the store. I already see a future of advertising there! Don’t you? There are a lot of places that we might not have seen or been to, this game will surely take us there. To all the hidden undiscovered places – PokémonGO is Coming!! And with it, a lot of people playing the game and following their favorite characters.

It is yet to be introduced to the whole world, but I say, it would not take long for this real world game to take over the world. It has already surpassed the popularity of Facebook, twitter, tinder and snapchat. For all those who are confused with why is a mobile gaming application being compared with social media apps, PokémonGO requires you to go out and play, it suggests you to play with your friends, it leads you to making new friends who are already playing outside and thus, the social media angle!

PokémonGO is surely taking the world by the storm and with a little warning of not being supremely engrossed in the game while playing, kindly be aware of your surroundings; and Go Play People!!!

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